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Future Performance & Key Indicators of the Bottled Water Industry (1 CEU)

Henry R. Hidell.jpg
Presenter: Henry R. Hidell, III, Hidell-Eyster

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) is a new form of managing the training process for creating artificial intelligence. It is particularly adaptive for the neural-based programs. This past week, Dr. Geoffrey Hinton resigned from Google. he is considered the God Father of artificial intelligence. He directed Google's efforts in Artificial Intelligence group. He has expressed deep concerns about the "Existential Threat" of AI. He said in summary of that concern, "Humanity is just a passing phase in the evolution of intelligence." He said that generative artificial intelligence is capable of reason and rational thought. Because this has significant implications about our businesses and those with whom we do business, it is vital that we have a perspective on the matter. I hope to get you thinking.  

Mr. Hidell is the founder of Hidell International. He has provided consulting services to the beverage, drinking water, food, and nutrition industries since 1972. His professional expertise spans the spectrum of business, technical, and educational services with specific expertise in the formulation of business strategies, mergers, and acquisitions, and turnkey development of beverage bottling facilities. He is recognized as an expert in international economic and business development. 

Mr. Hiddell has actively participated in the development of beverage industry organizations, trade groups, and production facilities throughout the world. In 1995, his proposal to establish standards and regulate trade of mineralized water was adopted by the South American Free Trade Organization (MERCOSUR). He is a member of the Executive Committee and former member of the Board of Directors of the International Council of Bottled Water Associations, a member of the Council of International Experts of the Association Internationale de la Distribution, and a member of the International Society of Beverage Technologists. He was inducted into the Beverage World Magazine/International Bottled Water Association's Bottled Water Hall of Fame in 2001. In 2014, Mr. Hidell Received the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Berkeley Spring International Water Tasting Festival. Academic training includes an undergraduate degree in geology/hydrogeology from West Chester University and a graduate degree in Land USA Planning and International Economic Development from the Southern Illinois University. 

What Keeps You Up at Night? (1 CEU)
Panelists: Steve Kurth, Polymer Solutions International;  David Redick, Steelhead Inc. & Craig Brewton, Aqua One

It's 4 a.m. and you can't sleep. You woke up a few minutes ago somewhere between panicked and angry as you realized you had forgotten to send a proposal revision yesterday. You are scripting in your head all night long. It'll be hours before you can drift off again and you must be up early.

In this session an industry-experienced panel will address the things that are likely to cause you to lose sleep at night, keeping you from being your best self during the workday. There will be a chance for audience participation so bring your questions!

Steve Kurth copy_edited.jpg

Steve Kurth
Polymer Solutions

Steve Kurth is Director North America Sales for PSI, serves on the Board of Directors for Central States Bottled Water Association, and serves on the IBWA Environmental Sustainability and Communications Committee.

Steve currently has 22 years with PSI developing and selling material handling products in USA, Canada, Central America, and Caribbean markets. Products include plastic bottled water racks and related items in that industry, plastic pallets, returnable plastic dunnage, and custom returnable and sustainable plastic solutions in food, pharma, and general-purpose industries. Prior to PSI, Steve worked for 9 years for Tulip Corporation selling plastic crates, cases, and totes. Steve lives in SE Wisconsin with his wife, Theresa, and they have 3 grown children that live in the same area. 

David Redick copy.jpg

David Redick
Steelhead, Inc.

David Redick is the President of Steelhead and is a 30-year water industry veteran. He directs all manufacturing operations, business strategies, marketing and sales strategies, and advertising and public relations of the company. David purchased Steelhead along with his partner Jack Walsh in Jan 2021. A native Californian, David graduated from UC Berkeley in 1990 as a Mechanical Engineer and followed with a Graduate degree in Controls Engineering. Post-graduation, David developed vast experience in complex system design and project management in the defense arena before transitioning into the bottled water industry in 1995.

Over his career, David has excelled in engineering management, operations, general management, sales, and marketing for many of the largest US bottled water equipment manufacturers, including Portola Packaging, CapSnap, RMI Ram Mechanical Inc, True Integration LTD, and Steelhead, Inc., which he now owns. David's expertise lies in building solid relationships and customer trust worldwide, developing and delivering systems in over 90 countries. These relationships and his vast experience have made him an integral part of the Steelhead team.

CRAIG BREWTONaq1-hdshot-7 copy.JPG

Craig Brewton
Aqua One

Craig has been the President of AquaOne for the last 7 years and was the CFO prior to taking that position. AquaOne has branches in Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene and Wichita Falls, Texas. Craig is a graduate from West Texas A&M University with a bachelors in Accounting and Finance. Before entering the water industry, Craig was an accountant in Amarillo where he focused on Audit and Corporate taxes. He earned his CPA in 2003.

Empowering Your Team! (1 CEU)

Shaye_lo res.jpg

Shaye Donica
Leadership Consultant

Employees are vital to our success; let's face it, they can make or break us! Empowering your Team to embrace the Culture of your business is time-consuming and is often put on the back burner. Company culture is not a one-size fits all solution. The challenges of the last few years - specifically the result of the Pandemic - require leaders to be more self-aware and creative. Shaye Donica will show you simple ways to embrace and promote your organization's missions by inspiring your employees at all levels. 

Shaye Donica is a Texas native who attended the University of Oklahoma and received a Business Finance Degree and a master's degree in healthcare administration. She has been in Corporate Management for 25+ years and has been involved in growing companies from development level into profitability while maintaining compliance under State Regulations. She has a passion for making decisions in the best interest of the client while maintaining financial stability and leads her employees with the same vision. When the employees are committed to the culture of the business, everyone succeeds. 

Everything You Need to Know about Acing Third Party Audits (1.5 CEUs)

Whether SQF, IBWA, NSF, FDA, or anyone else, third-party audits are a fact of life for all of us. We'll take an in-depth look at the various organizations who conduct your audits and give you some insight on how to pass them with flying colors. There will be suggestions on how you can avoid the most often missed items will be discussed. 

FDA in a Post Covid World (1 CEU)

How has Covid changed the way the FDA is approaching Food Safety, and what it could mean for you!

  • Frequency of inspections

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the FDA

  • Environmental Monitoring: Is caps * Containers enough?

  • "CORE" outbreaks (how NOT to deal with the FDA)

Chris Dunn Photo_edited.jpg

Chris Dunn
DunnWorks, LLC

Chris Dunn is President and owner of DunnWorks, and a retired Program Manager of the Supply Chain Food Safety Beverage Quality Program for NSF International, a public health and safety organization based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Chris's program offers Product and System Certification as well as testing and auditing of bottled water, natural mineral waters, flavored water beverages and packaged ice. Chris is a 43-year veteran of the beverage industry. After spending 5 years with NSF, he has returned to part-time consulting under his company's banner -- DunnWorks, LLC.

For over 20 years Chris has been involved with bottled water and packaged ice trade associations around the world and is the past chairperson of IBWA's Communications Committee and Water Coolers Europe Environmental Sustainability Committee and is currently Treasurer of the International Council of Bottled Water Associations and Director of the Mid-America Bottled Water Association. He is designated by Water Quality Association as a "Certified Water Specialist", Certified in HACCP, an SQF Practitioner and qualified auditor for NSF.

Dunn holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Denver and an MBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

State & Federal Legislative & Regulatory Update (1 CEU)

IBWA_Joe_FINAL_4610 BWR.jpg

Joe Doss, President & CEO,
International Bottled Water Association

Joe doss, president & CEO International Bottled Water Association will update us on the current state of State & Federal Legislative and Regulatory issues facing the bottled water industry.

Joe Doss has served as President and CEO of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) since 1999. He has extensive experience in association management and feed and drug, government affairs, public relations, and legal issues. He has a proven track record of strategic thinking and planning, managing complex and controversial issues, and building consensus among small, medium, and large companies.

Joe has a B.A. in government from The College of William and Mary and a J.D. from George Mason University School of Law. He has completed an executive management course at the Center for Creative Leadership. Joe is a member of the Bar in Virginia and the District of Columbia. He serves on the Board of Directors at the International Council of Bottled Water Associations and is a member of the Food and Drug Law Institute and the American Bar Association.

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